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   In this complimentary report you will: 

  • Discover the four scenarios food brands will fall under in the era of sustainable consumption. Learn what the conscious consumer is looking for and how to win in this new age
  • Understand why biodiveristy is the next big growth area in environmental consciousness. 
  • Understand how consumers are using their  diet  to signal their commitment to the planet.


Understand the motivations driving conscious consumer behaviour

The Evocco Insights Report 2020 was created for food business that want to make environmental sustainability a core part of their business  but need the consumer edge to know where to start

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Evocco research

This report was created by observing the opinions and behaviours  of 425 frontrunners, those leading the sustainable consumption movement. Understanding our needs is essential to to adapt to where the mass market is moving.

This report is a gift from us, as conscious consumers, to the food industry. If you’re reading this as an industry stakeholder we want you to do better, and we know you can. Here’s how you can read our needs better and innovate in this new era.



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